Three Butt Injection Disasters

Just as fashion styles change after a while, the population perception in what is regarded as physically attractive changes at the same time, unlike the 70’s when little bitty butts were all the fashion, around, curvy and shapely behind as seen with Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez now defines ‘sexy.’ Until recently, the only method to embellish your rear was to wear padded underwear or have silicone implants inserted; a painful and risky procedure which has a high complication rate that will leave large, unsightly scars. Now surgeons like Dr Sadeghi AliSadeghiBreastCenter usually take fat from areas that may live without it (belly, waist, and thighs) and transfer it right to the butt to reshape and enhance that deficient derriere. They know this as procedure the Brazilian Butt Lift.

On December 1st, 2009, former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano died after surgical treatment to be with her buttocks. This tragedy serves and then highlight the manifold dangers included in such dangerous operations, where buttock augmentation can cost just below $20,000 in most cases last only four months before the majority of the injected fat is absorbed by the body once again. The process is deceptively simple: fat is harvested out of your body, after which injected via a cannula into the buttocks, while fat through the thighs and hips are removed to help shape your contour. General anesthesia is utilized, and also the process usually takes about nine days to complete before you can go home to extract. Pain is frequently reported for the eight weeks, and even inflammation and the possibility of infection or death.

If you find oneself squirming with your chair at the idea of a doctor opening the sofa cheeks up and reshuffling the muscles all for your vain attempt at making your butt look just a little better you might be better suited for something more substantial. The other option the Brazil Butt Lift is often a new house workout designed to lift the sofa all from the exercising comfort of your own home.

During this surgery, the plastic surgeon like Dr Sadeghi DrAliSadeghiPink could make an incision between the inner thigh and the pubic bone, and then make a downward pointing triangular incision around the inner thigh. This is then removed, liposuction is often performed about this area too to take out underlying fatty deposits, as well as the remaining skin is stretched tight and sewn together again.

Suffice it to say that before I took the plunge and gave it a chance myself, I did some surfing to see what other people are saying and, in all honesty, the majority are positive, some glowing and others ‘yeah, so what!’

Any new regimen is geared towards receiving the body working, and while that one included all the attendant pains and aches of working out muscles that haven’t stretched for many per month, it had not been too much for this aged old frame.

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